Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you need or maybe just want professional looking photos of yourself? Perhaps of your family? or friends? Maybe you have a website or blog and are looking to include great quality photos of your product or business.

In this digital world of smart phones equipped with cameras, sometimes that is not enough to deliver great quality photos.  This is where someone like myself comes in and gives you just that, quality photos. 

My name is Maria Murillo and I would love to photograph you. I've been flicking that camera shutter for 10 years. My work ranges from head shots/portraits, family photos, conceptual, events, landscape and street photography. I enjoy making the whole experience fun and collaborative with my clients.  Whether I'm shooting outdoors on location using natural light or indoors using studio lighting, my goal is to bring a smile to your face.

Aside from photography I also do videography. I will direct, shoot and edit your next video project. Video has always been in the background along side with my photography but now I'm bringing it to the foreground in creative ways.
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